Coming soon to a Slack channel near you

Hey! Mobs, Crowds, Swarms, Stygmergic Crypto Cats, and Neotribes!

Swarm and Citizen Code are working together to create an open source solution to infect Slack messaging networks with community crypto coins and space kitty kuteness. It's called SwarmBot!

Through easy Zork style text menus, community members can create bounties, upvote them, and submit work solutions for rewards.

While you wait for the beta (or snoop for our open source Github repo and send a pull request) you can help us along by chanting " neon cyan nyan yen meow eon". Think of it as an invocation to the great rainbow space kitty encrypted in frequencies of starlight - a hash code waiting to be broken by the statistically probable miracles of quantum cryptography (or maybe it's just a random mashup of poptart cat sounds , lucid colors, and fiat currencies).

In any case we can't wait to tell you about the beta when it's ready - so sign up for our email!

Get Your Fair Share (of Project Coins)

You can use easy HI-FI menus in private messages with SwarmBot! Swarmbot helps you make contributions and receive project coins. This helps you track your contributions to projects and receive profit distributions!

Open Source

SwarmBot will be available to be prodded, extended, and forked. Did we mention pull requests are welcome - we will probably even give you coins of your own for contributing. Can't wait to tell you more about that in an email when the beta is released!

About Swarm

A collaboratively owned membership network dedicated to facilitating abundance.

Swarm is Kickstarter to the n-th degree.

About Citizen Code

A constitutionally organized company that incubates platforms to power the collaborative economy.

Citizen Code can help you leverage disruptive technology through their innovation prototyping program.